The Landscape Planning stage can involve a number of steps. Concept plans & preliminary construction cost estimation, preliminary landscape plans with 3D perspective sketches, amendments, detailed construction cost estimation, final landscape plans incorporating the detailed layout of hardwork’s & fully specified planting plans. Some of these stages are optional & individually tailored depending on the size, complexity & level of detail required.

Landscape plans – Details covered –  Hardworks, such as retaining walls, paving, steps, & structures like pergolas, decks & garden furniture. The softworks are also covered, with suggestions for the trees, shrubs, groundcovers & specimine plants. Along with the plans are perspective sketches to give 3D view’s of the garden.

Construction cost estimation & a Bill of Quantities – during the design phase we can look at construction cost estimates & that can lead to detailed specification & a Bill of Quantities.

With the detailed Plans & a Bill of quantities the project can be easily quoted & constructed from. I can recommend some excellent contractors if required.